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Sorry...names of early college grads
Thu Sep 6, 2007 4:37pm (XFF: unknown)

Chi-Bin Chien, Ph.D. (b. 1965); B.A. 1981, Johns Hopkins University

Erik Demaine, started college courses at 12, and received his doctorate at 20 and at the same age

Steve Lu:Started studying at California State University in 1996, when he was 10

Jeffrey Nathan Rottman, MD, cardiac surgeon.Started at JHU at 14.

These are just some of the more famous ones on HOAGIES. Many do not want the notoriety so have been out of the limelight

I also think we need to question the idea of a TOP College being those listed in US NEWS...they are popular, voted on by college presidents from their same groups and the list is not that highly respected except as a means to market college and college entrance consulting to stressed parents.

And I agree with GG that just because we don't know about them the early entrants don't exist.Finally, common wisdom/myths that a 12 year old should not apply/would not get in probably does keep many qualified applicants from applying.Our kids are rare, so the statistics may not be in their favor, but I do believe that they are out there.

  • Oh, and I should add...GG, Tue Sep 4 11:27pm
    that it is very rare for a student 12 and under to *apply* to a top college, so you wouldn't expect many to be admitted. For one thing, most families would have to move for the child to attend a top... more
    • Sorry...names of early college grads — mcubed, Thu Sep 6 4:37pm
      • Re: Sorry...names of early college gradsHanna, Thu Sep 6 7:16pm
        The only one you mentioned that bolsters your argument is Chien and as GG mentioned, we don't know how old he was when he began. As an aside, that was over a quarter of a century ago. I read... more
        • The age must not be anything above 15GG, Thu Sep 6 11:22pm
          http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070902/ap_on_re_us/young_ivy_leaguer That's a story about a 15-year-old girl who started at an Ivy college on Wednesday (of this year, not 40 years ago). But clearly some ... more
          • Re: The age must not be anything above 15Hanna, Fri Sep 7 6:38am
            I will try to find it, I have been Googling ---, as far as this girl, she is 15 and 1/2 which is, as you say, a different animal from a 12 year old.
      • Hanna has a point, thoughGG, Thu Sep 6 6:30pm
        Did Chi-Bin Chien start college at 12 or earlier? He graduated at 15 years, 7 months of age, but he might have finished his degree in under 2.5 years (it's not typical by any means, but some have... more
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