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Your child might never find this changes
Thu Sep 13, 2007 5:36pm (XFF: unknown)

My son is at the university with the top ranked graduate program in mathematics and while one of his graduate mathematics courses this semester seems to have a good pace, the other he says seems to move at an undergraduate pace. He said that he is seated in the front row off to one side along with some other students and those few students are answering all the questions such that the professor said to them, "Sorry this is clearly stuff you already know, but hopefully we'll catch everyone else up quickly. I promise the pace with get faster soon." How it is the students answering the questions all happened to pick the same side is a mystery to me (front, I could see, but all being on one side rather than also in the center and other side strikes me as odd as it doesn't seem any of them know one another to have chosen to sit together).

Luckily, our son is TAing a graduate course this semester, and he is excited about that. He also got a very big name on his thesis committee and is on the verge of getting another big name, so he's happy about that and more excited now than he was earlier this year about doing his thesis. I'm hoping that excitement (or enough of it) sticks with him till the thesis is done.

  • The New Yearkalamaras, Thu Sep 13 11:38am
    How is the new year shaping up for everyone? DS is having a hard time dealing with the first six weeks of review. I find it hard to believe that they are still reviewing basic addition and... more
    • homeschooling this yearMinnesota Mom, Fri Sep 14 6:29pm
      and loving it so far. DS has helped pick out the curriculum. I am waiting for the initial few weeks to be done to see how we are doing, but so far I think this is the right decision! He has a... more
    • Spelling WordsHanna, Thu Sep 13 5:44pm
      When DS was in second grade the teacher gave him "challenge words" and he always got them right on the pretest. He was grouped with 4 other hg/pg kids and their spelling skills were not at his level. ... more
      • thankskalamaras, Fri Sep 14 5:50pm
        I looked up that Wordly Wise..and it looks like an option..at least there is some vocab work and latin roots involved with it. But getting the school to pay for it....
    • Your child might never find this changes — GG, Thu Sep 13 5:36pm
      • One happy, one so sadshabby, Tue Sep 18 9:52am
        My DS is in second grade. Started out OK, but he got put into lower reading groups this year because he can't write well. He is reading Superfudge at home, but is bored with reading at school, and... more
        • Re: One happy, one so sadHanna, Tue Sep 18 3:45pm
          has your son received a diagnosis of dysgraphia?
          • Re: One happy, one so sadshabby, Tue Sep 18 8:02pm
            No, we are just now coming to the realization that it's not improving. Who do we look for to help? Psychologist? OT? pediatrician?
            • If it were meHanna, Tue Sep 18 8:23pm
              I would approach the school psychologist. She may be able to evaluate him or even recommend someone. Often schools have OTs on staff or itinerant. In the mean time, get him a fun typing program- my... more
              • Re: If it were meshabby, Wed Sep 19 8:03am
                Thanks! You answered my question before I even had a chance to ask. I will look for type to learn.
                • Glad to help! (nm)Hanna, Wed Sep 19 11:13am
                  • Follow upshabby, Thu Sep 27 2:37pm
                    The teacher contacted the OT who hasn't responded. We do not have any diagnosis. Can the OT just see a child without a diagnosis or a referral from a special educator? The teacher didn't know the... more
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