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Re: Weird, now it's there!
Thu Sep 13, 2007 6:09pm (XFF: unknown)

The thing I don't like is that the SAT can be tutored and practiced and I am not sure it's the best test. There is a set of twins in my son's school whose father made them practice non-stop and tutored them weekly for the CTY SAT and they did better than some kids who did not have that preparation and these twins are not that bright.

  • Weird, now it's there!GG, Thu Sep 13 6:01pm
    Okay, so you were saying it's not surprising that they would go on to be successful in their fields. I agree. But the point was that many people feel the SAT's predictive value is so low that we... more
    • Re: Weird, now it's there! — Hanna, Thu Sep 13 6:09pm
      • as someone with an IQ of 100 is doubtful, I would think, to score 700+ on either section of the SAT at age 13 or before even with weekly prep from a parent. You can take a person with an average IQ... more
        • I would be interested in that info. Hard to say what would be better, maybe a WJ achievement test. It would have to be a test that the public would not be able to get their hands on. There is... more
          • I read the chart and am surprised a bit by how *low* the average number of points gained when retested fairly soon after first tested is, and I suspect it is lower for someone with an IQ of say 100... more
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