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It might depend on how you define "bright"
Thu Sep 13, 2007 6:34pm (XFF: unknown)

as someone with an IQ of 100 is doubtful, I would think, to score 700+ on either section of the SAT at age 13 or before even with weekly prep from a parent. You can take a person with an average IQ to the library, but you can't make them think, and much of the SAT *is* a thinking test, not merely memorization of words and equations. And even with high IQ people who have paid for SAT prep classes, I've read the increase in scores is actually not much (I'll look into the average increase in score if you like).

And if you don't think the SAT is the best test (and I'm open to discussion that it isn't), what test do you feel *is* the best test?

  • Re: Weird, now it's there!Hanna, Thu Sep 13 6:09pm
    The thing I don't like is that the SAT can be tutored and practiced and I am not sure it's the best test. There is a set of twins in my son's school whose father made them practice non-stop and... more
    • It might depend on how you define "bright" — GG, Thu Sep 13 6:34pm
      • I would be interested in that info. Hard to say what would be better, maybe a WJ achievement test. It would have to be a test that the public would not be able to get their hands on. There is... more
        • I read the chart and am surprised a bit by how *low* the average number of points gained when retested fairly soon after first tested is, and I suspect it is lower for someone with an IQ of say 100... more
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