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Has anyone here used ratemyteachers?
Tue Sep 18, 2007 3:50pm (XFF: unknown)

We check it often. It's pretty accurate, actually. I feel bad for the teachers, as some of the comments are more hurtful than useful, but I think it may keep them on their toes.

    • I wouldn't believe anything on it.OhioMomof2, Sun Oct 28 6:10pm
      I think ratemyteachers is basically a bully pulpit for students and/or parents who have a personal grievance with a teacher or administrator. I wouldn't believe anything on it, as it allows students... more
      • BullyingHanna, Sun Oct 28 7:34pm
        It's interesting that you see it from that perspective. I feel that so often it is the children who are bullied by the teachers. Afterall, if a kid has a grievance with a teacher- who will listen?... more
        • Re: BullyingOhioMomof2, Mon Oct 29 1:19pm
          You made some good points about bullying, which I abhore in any form, but I think posting negative comments anonymously on ratemyteacher is also a form of bullying. I have had my experience of being... more
          • Re: BullyingHanna, Mon Oct 29 4:29pm
            Your experience when younger was certainly a wonderful life lesson. There are other ways for teachers to bully that perhaps would be more difficult to counteract with a record of grades. For example, ... more
            • Re: BullyingOhioMomof2, Tue Oct 30 2:13am
              Again, document, document, document! I had a teacher my sophomore year who was fair with grading, but had an attitude against women, minorities, immigrants, and anything he deemed "unAmerican." He... more
              • Does it still work in the workplace?? Gabrielle, Sat Nov 3 2:21pm
                Ah, the joy it would be if it could be the same in the workplace... *sigh* The positive thing is obviously that, being an adult, I am more mature and better know what my options are. the sad thing is ... more
    • Sorry this response is lateGG, Fri Oct 26 12:53am
      I guess I should have awoken when you ordered people to wake up. ;) Anyway, my son used ratemyteachers (and also teacherreviews.com before they got sued and started charging a dollar or something to... more
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