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If it were me
Tue Sep 18, 2007 8:23pm (XFF: unknown)

I would approach the school psychologist. She may be able to evaluate him or even recommend someone. Often schools have OTs on staff or itinerant. In the mean time, get him a fun typing program- my son recommends Type-to -Learn.

  • Re: One happy, one so sadshabby, Tue Sep 18 8:02pm
    No, we are just now coming to the realization that it's not improving. Who do we look for to help? Psychologist? OT? pediatrician?
    • If it were me — Hanna, Tue Sep 18 8:23pm
      • Re: If it were meshabby, Wed Sep 19 8:03am
        Thanks! You answered my question before I even had a chance to ask. I will look for type to learn.
        • Glad to help! (nm)Hanna, Wed Sep 19 11:13am
          • Follow upshabby, Thu Sep 27 2:37pm
            The teacher contacted the OT who hasn't responded. We do not have any diagnosis. Can the OT just see a child without a diagnosis or a referral from a special educator? The teacher didn't know the... more
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