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Teachers Who Don't Learn
Wed Sep 19, 2007 7:30am (XFF: unknown)

In my ds' middle school the English dept. is the weakest link. They are very into trendy stuff that sounds good on paper but not good in practice. He hates group work and everyone wants to work with him because they figure he'll do all the work. He has had 2 negative experiences thusfar and the schoolyear is barely a month old. They also do group work and the kids in his group just say "Do it! We'll watch". I spoke to the teacher who glossed over it by saying how popular my son is because all the children want to work with him so they can LEARN from him. ARGHHHHHHHHH! I said they are USING him and he gains NOTHING. She said she will closely supervise. Next day- same thing. Where's the teacher? I am sure these kids wait until she walks away...

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