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Maybe wine is NOT so good for you
Thu Sep 27, 2007 2:57pm (XFF: unknown)

    • Wine is good for you, but in moderationGG, Thu Sep 27 11:23pm
      "The women studied who drank between one and two alcoholic drinks per day increased their risk of breast cancer by 10 per cent compared with people who consumed less than one drink each day, the... more
      • WineHanna, Fri Sep 28 6:28am
        Good point. You have to take all of the studies with a grain of salt. Wine gives me headaches, unfortunately...
        • Are you drinking red or white?GG, Fri Sep 28 10:45am
          Red wine gives some people headaches, but I've not heard of white wine doing that, and while red wine is touted in some studies as being better than any other form of alcohol, many other studies say... more
          • BothHanna, Fri Sep 28 12:39pm
            I think it's the sulfites. I went to the liquor store to try and find a wine that has no sulfites and there weren't any. I also get a reaction where my ears get red and hot. Not pleasant!
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