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I give up
Sat Oct 6, 2007 7:55am (XFF: unknown)

This board is not going anywhere and , frankly, I don't feel like posting things any longer and having one or no person comment on it. If anyone feels there is any reason to continue I will wait 5 days before shutting down and at that point will give an email address for contact. I like many people I have "met" here in cyberspace but everyone seems too busy to post here and I guess that's good for them , no news is good news.

    • I give uptap, Fri Oct 12 9:45pm
      I, also, like to check and read the posts and a year or so back, it seemed there were many more people posting on this discussion board. Where did they all go? I post at times, but wonder why it... more
      • Not sureHanna, Sat Oct 13 10:57am
        If you have any recommendations- please let me know.
      • Re: I give up Gabrielle, Sat Oct 13 7:00am
        Well, I am not lost, but I definitely post far less, simply because I have changed jobs and my new job doesn't leave me much time... Gabrielle
    • Re: I give up Gabrielle, Sun Oct 7 10:43am
      I'm sorry Hannah I'm not often enough here... Maybe it is that most "old-timers" are entering "busier" phases as time passes or, in certain cases, as kids age, while too few "new-timers" are... more
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