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I wouldn't believe anything on it.
Sun Oct 28, 2007 6:10pm (XFF: unknown)

I think ratemyteachers is basically a bully pulpit for students and/or parents who have a personal grievance with a teacher or administrator. I wouldn't believe anything on it, as it allows students and parents to remain anonymous while they publicly bash teachers, with no opportunity for the teachers to defend themselves. If the person posting had to state their full name, and the teacher had a chance to rebut, then I would put more stock in it.

Plus I remember back in high school, when I loved the great teachers who taught their students a lot while at the same time demanding a lot from them -- all I heard about them from my classmates was how much they hated them. Too many kids love the "easy" teachers and hate the "hard" teachers, and ratemyteachers just gives those kids an opportunity to badmouth the good teachers who refused to coddle them. And now that I'm a mom, I'm disappointed to find that some of the parents are similar in a way in that they hate the teachers who demand that their children be held accountable for their actions.

I think it is a good idea for parents, students, teachers, and administrators to have an open dialogue, and maybe the internet is a good medium for it, but not if it is one-sided or people act cowardly and insult others while hiding behind anonymity.

Are there any sites in which the comments are not anonymous? If so, I would be interested in taking a look.

  • Has anyone here used ratemyteachers?Hanna, Tue Sep 18 3:50pm
    We check it often. It's pretty accurate, actually. I feel bad for the teachers, as some of the comments are more hurtful than useful, but I think it may keep them on their toes.
    • I wouldn't believe anything on it. — OhioMomof2, Sun Oct 28 6:10pm
      • BullyingHanna, Sun Oct 28 7:34pm
        It's interesting that you see it from that perspective. I feel that so often it is the children who are bullied by the teachers. Afterall, if a kid has a grievance with a teacher- who will listen?... more
        • Re: BullyingOhioMomof2, Mon Oct 29 1:19pm
          You made some good points about bullying, which I abhore in any form, but I think posting negative comments anonymously on ratemyteacher is also a form of bullying. I have had my experience of being... more
          • Re: BullyingHanna, Mon Oct 29 4:29pm
            Your experience when younger was certainly a wonderful life lesson. There are other ways for teachers to bully that perhaps would be more difficult to counteract with a record of grades. For example, ... more
            • Re: BullyingOhioMomof2, Tue Oct 30 2:13am
              Again, document, document, document! I had a teacher my sophomore year who was fair with grading, but had an attitude against women, minorities, immigrants, and anything he deemed "unAmerican." He... more
              • Does it still work in the workplace?? Gabrielle, Sat Nov 3 2:21pm
                Ah, the joy it would be if it could be the same in the workplace... *sigh* The positive thing is obviously that, being an adult, I am more mature and better know what my options are. the sad thing is ... more
    • Sorry this response is lateGG, Fri Oct 26 12:53am
      I guess I should have awoken when you ordered people to wake up. ;) Anyway, my son used ratemyteachers (and also teacherreviews.com before they got sued and started charging a dollar or something to... more
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