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Did you see the entire film?
Wed Nov 14, 2007 1:29pm (XFF: unknown)

I'm guessing you did from the "left the theater" note, unless what you saw is just the trailer from your link. It actually seems like an interesting movie topic (doubt I'd pay to see it, but it seems an interesting "plot" just the same), though I again question the wisdom in the parents going this route (but if the girl is a millionaire at age 5 or whatever and able to retire before even entering K, I sort of think more power to the family for giving her that luxury, so long as the girl is able to be happy and sane as she matures and the parents don't just spend all the money the girl earned, be it from painting like any other child her age and just getting lucky or having real talent according to those in her field).

Could you tell what the audience opinion was overall? Were most people feeling as you do or were many feeling the girl has real talent?

One of my son's favorite authors is Neil Gaiman and here is a quote I've seen attributed to him:

It has always been the prerogative of children and half-wits to point out that the emperor has no clothes. But the half-wit remains a half-wit, and the emperor remains an emperor.

Just something to consider.

  • My Kid Could Paint ThatHanna, Sun Oct 28 10:20am
    There is a new documentary out about Marla Olmstead. I watched it yesterday and left the theater thinking how art patrons can be such fools, how persuasive 60 Minutes is, how pathetic some parents... more
    • Did you see the entire film? — GG, Wed Nov 14 1:29pm
      • Yes I didHanna, Thu Nov 15 6:57am
        see the whole film. I felt very strongly that the father painted the paintings after the child began them. One is hardly an emperor when they have "earned" their money by defrauding people, that is... more
        • In the trailer, the mother notes that nobody touches the girl's canvass (meaning paints on them) other than the girl. So is the mom just outright lying, do you think? I remember hearing the family... more
          • Several reasonsHanna, Sat Nov 17 8:01am
            One- if you see how she paints, it is nothing like the finished product. The child also makes some remarks during the film, and finally the mother works during the day while the father works a night... more
            • These paintings are nothing special@HomeDad, Thu Dec 6 12:11pm
              I worked as an art helper at my gifted daughter's montessori preschool for 2 years ('05,'06). At least 1/4 of the kids there could have made similar paintings. Sure some paint all black (or whatever... more
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