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These paintings are nothing special
Thu Dec 6, 2007 12:11pm (XFF: unknown)

I worked as an art helper at my gifted daughter's montessori preschool for 2 years ('05,'06). At least 1/4 of the kids there could have made similar paintings. Sure some paint all black (or whatever color), some make one stroke and quit. Basically, any kid with any interest in art could reproduce similar work. I'm even tempted to prove it (my daughter is now 5).

  • Several reasonsHanna, Sat Nov 17 8:01am
    One- if you see how she paints, it is nothing like the finished product. The child also makes some remarks during the film, and finally the mother works during the day while the father works a night... more
    • These paintings are nothing special — @HomeDad, Thu Dec 6 12:11pm
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