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Mon Dec 13, 2010 5:38pm

My 2nd grader has recently been identified to be pulled out of class weekly to learn more challenging material. I have always known he is bright and wonder if he's gifted. He is too young for formal testing; I teach him advanced material at home; he meets most of the criteria. I believe he will fall in the "mild" to "moderately" gifted range - the other ranges are intimidating! Will he feel "less than" being only "mild/moderate" (125-135 IQ range) if put with others who far exceed this range? Any thoughts or anyone else been here? Suggestions?

    • Re: direction?!daisychr635, Mon Jul 4 10:42am
      I don't think you can truly know his "range" until he has formal testing done. The weekly pull out classes are normally designed for those that are in the mildly gifted category in most school... more
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