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Re: Gifted teen dating
Mon Dec 13, 2010 5:45pm

wow. that's a story! Have you asked your son what he thinks about it? With such wisdom and knowledge, perhaps he can apply that to his own evaluation of having a 23 year old behave this way.

I don't see how you could treat him anyway other than a 16 year old learning how to negotiate relationships. He may have advanced skills to aid him in doing that better, quicker - but bottom line... well, no pun intended!

I would discuss her behavior, not age. She seems to have made some life changing decisions that are a little extreme and don't reflect good judgement. what is his take on that?

  • Gifted teen datinglovemylife, Tue Sep 21 2:42pm
    My 16 year old son is a junior at an Ivy League school. He started taking college classes when he was 12 and he enrolled as a full time student at a local private college when he was 14. He has been... more
    • Re: Gifted teen dating — LSantomft, Mon Dec 13 5:45pm
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