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Re: direction?!
Mon Jul 4, 2011 10:42am

I don't think you can truly know his "range" until he has formal testing done. The weekly pull out classes are normally designed for those that are in the mildly gifted category in most school districts ( sometimes just ones that are doing really well, but aren't gifted at all ) He is most definitely not too young for formal testing however. My son was tested by the school after skipping from 1st to 3rd grade, and we had him formally tested last month on our own to get more concrete answers before figuring out what schooling is best for him ( he is going into 4th grade and is 7 ) so your son may be too yong for the school district to want to spend the money but you can find testers on your own.
I really think the pull outs will not make him feel less, I think it will give him a place to expand his abilities at a greater pace than a regular classroom if even for a half day or whatever your pull out is. I think as parents we fear that even thought we know our child is gifted that they wont be " gifted enough " , when really, its not about the number, the number just guides us to know how to proceed a little more.

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