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Kindergarten placement (highly gifted)
Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:48pm

My son is a rising kindergartner. We looked at all of our kindergarten options, including charters and private schools, as our assigned public school is NOT an acceptable option.

Part of the private school admission was the IQ test. My son scored 148, which was really not a surprise to us. Not only is he reading at a 2nd grade level (at 4 years old) but he can also make change and do multiplication, etc. He is a great problem solver, too -- he doesn't just "memorize answers".

Anyway, we applied to various schools and were selected in a lottery for the charter school closest to our house. They have an AIG person on staff, but they don't really have a Gifted Program until 3rd grade. They do offer "differentiated instruction" and said that he can work with his teacher at his level for reading/spelling and they will do a "pull-out" for math.

We got invitations to 3 private schools and need to give an answer and a deposit by this Friday. All of the schools are stellar and teach at a level above the local public schools. One would be a particularly good fit. BUT of course private schools mean $$$.

We could afford private school, but it would mean less extras, vacations, etc. Right now our conundrum is whether we should accept the charter school spot (FREE) and have extra money to supplement his education with trips to museums and landmarks....or go private and rely on him getting a great education there.

Charter schools here are so in demand that if we give up the spot now for kindergarten, we are likely to never get in again.

I would love some feedback.


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