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Thank You
Tue Jun 28, 2016 02:23

Thank You For Responding Anne.

What you offer is Amazing.
But, I will have to pay for it.
I Stole the Ring from Him and pawned it for $100 when I was 15. That was in 1979. I'm almost 52 now.
Please allow me to talk with my Sponsor in the morning and get his input on this. I'm not sure how to proceed. Dave lives in Springfield Missouri and I'm going that way the last weekend in July to speak face to face.

I will make contact again after I have spoken with my sponsor.

Thanks for your Understanding.
Sincerely, Ben

  • Class RingAnne Marie Sorce, Mon Jun 27 23:32
    Tell Dave to get in touch with me. I think he has my address and email address. I would be willing to give him my brother's class ring.
    • Donation UpdateAnonymous, Sat Apr 1 09:38
      Good Day Anne. In speaking with David (ph# 417-866-1016)he indicated that I could make donations to the Alzheimer's Foundation as a means to make financial restitution. I made my 1st donation of $200 ... more
    • Thank You — Ben, Tue Jun 28 02:23
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