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Follow up
Tue Jun 28, 2016 07:56

Dear Anne Sorce,
I spoke with my sponsor this morning.
He suggested that I see if you are willing to converse via email or phone, to better understand how you know David and how you came into ownership of a similar ring.
Under no circumstance would I be able to feel comfortable with your previous offer. No cost to me is not an option.
I also must not cause further harm to Dave or others. He is married and currently unaware that I'm researching this.

Please let me know if we communicate further via email or telephone.

Sincerely, Ben. Phone (719) 207-2383

  • Class RingAnonymous, Mon Jun 27 09:00
    Hi There! My name is Benjamin DeGonia and I live in Illinois USA. I'm trying to find out if I can get a replacement High School Graduation Ring for my step father who graduated from Bitburg HS in... more
    • Follow up — Ben, Tue Jun 28 07:56
    • Re: Class RingLarry, Tue Jun 28 06:09
      You can contact Jostens, the makers of BHS rings. They made a ring for me around 1995. Not the original but one I designed that turned out pretty close.
    • Class RingAnne Marie Sorce, Mon Jun 27 23:32
      Tell Dave to get in touch with me. I think he has my address and email address. I would be willing to give him my brother's class ring.
      • Donation UpdateAnonymous, Sat Apr 1 09:38
        Good Day Anne. In speaking with David (ph# 417-866-1016)he indicated that I could make donations to the Alzheimer's Foundation as a means to make financial restitution. I made my 1st donation of $200 ... more
      • Thank You Ben, Tue Jun 28 02:23
        Thank You For Responding Anne. What you offer is Amazing. But, I will have to pay for it. I Stole the Ring from Him and pawned it for $100 when I was 15. That was in 1979. I'm almost 52 now. Please... more
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