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Donation Update
Sat Apr 1, 2017 09:38

Good Day Anne.
In speaking with David (ph# 417-866-1016)he indicated that I could make donations to the Alzheimer's Foundation as a means to make financial restitution.
I made my 1st donation of $200 in March and will continue to make donations.
Thank you so much for helping me to make this amend.
Wishing you and yours a Beautiful 2017.
Sincerely Yours, Ben DeGonia

  • Class RingAnne Marie Sorce, Mon Jun 27 23:32
    Tell Dave to get in touch with me. I think he has my address and email address. I would be willing to give him my brother's class ring.
    • Donation Update — Anonymous, Sat Apr 1 09:38
    • Thank You Ben, Tue Jun 28 02:23
      Thank You For Responding Anne. What you offer is Amazing. But, I will have to pay for it. I Stole the Ring from Him and pawned it for $100 when I was 15. That was in 1979. I'm almost 52 now. Please... more
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