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Frank Jiron
It's true. BHS is no more!
Sat Sep 2, 2017 11:49

Part 1. Sad, but true. Bitburg High School and the Barons are no more. I got back from a Germany visit to Frankfurt a few weeks ago. While there I took time for an overnight visit to Bitburg to see our school for the last time. I was last there after Desert Storm when Diana and I took a trip to show her my old stomping grounds. At that time Bitburg Air Base, and I, were still active. Things have sure changed. I stayed overnight at the Eifel Arms Inn on Spangdalem Air Base and went to see our old school buildings twice. The Bitburg housing area is a ghost town. On my first trip of this visit, the gate guard told me I was only the 6th car of the day. The High School buildings we all knew have been deserted for some time. The next day, I took some more pictures and then drove to the new Bitburg (Middle and) High School built some time ago near the east fence of the housing area. They had a closing ceremony on 8 June, and graduated the last class on 10 June. The last day of school was on 13 June. While taking pictures, a woman came out and asked me if I needed any assistance. (Itís not a good idea to take pictures of any US facility in Europe these days.) After introducing myself as a BHS grad, she told me she was a school secretary. As we chatted, she said there were only about 100 high school students left, but that there were lots of teachers. Class sizes for the high school were small, 10-15 students per class. In the heyday of 80ís the student population was much larger than in the 60ís, as students commuted via a new Autobahn from Hahn, Purm, as well as some other outlying US military installations that have since been returned to the Germans.

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