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Frank Jiron
Part 2 BHS is gone
Sat Sep 2, 2017 11:56

Part 2. A new High School - Middle School is being built on Spang, but will not be ready until next year. Spang was also different. They have a new and large BX and Commissary that you would instantly recognize if you are military retired and use these facilities stateside. The old gate on the road from Bitburg to Spang is closed and a new gate was constructed closer to the housing area. The housing area has also changed with the additional of some single-family units. While in the Spang BX food court, I struck up a conversation with a young man who was a student at BHS. He bemoaned the loss of the Barons name and said most of the students wanted to keep it as the Spangdalem Barons, but it will change to the ďSabers,Ē the Spang Wingís current nickname. Itís kind of sad to see our old school, and the once vibrant community that surrounded it, simply disappear. But then again, when you think the great class of Ď67 graduated 50 years ago (yes Virginia, that is a half a century ago!) it isnít all that surprising. My visit there was a nostalgic journey back to BHS and Iím glad I took the time to go. Iíve got more to tell you, but this report is already too long. Hope to see you all in Chattooga. Frank Jiron Ď67Ē.

    • Campus Closing web pageDon Cooper 437, Tue Sep 19 15:43
      I made a page for CAMPUS CLOSING and included your nice report, Frank. Thanks for your tremendous effort. Hope it's OK with you to publish your content. We appreciate what you wrote and will welcome... more
    • Re: Part 2 BHS is gonegerry hilliard, Thu Sep 14 09:46
      Thank you Frank! Bill and Joy Wiehl and my husband and I went to Bitburg a couple of years ago after our Rhine River Viking cruise. It was sad to see the housing area but we got a wonderful tour of... more
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