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Darlene DAVIS Boucher '68
Chattanooga Reunion 2018
Fri Jan 5, 2018 14:44

Just read the schedule for the upcoming reunion and I have a few questions for some clarification. First of all, I will miss seeing a few close friends because I will not be able to attend due to illness. I sincerely hope that everyone has a good time.
It was my understanding that the theme of the reunion was going to be 'Flower Power'. What happened? I also see that there is going to be a 70s Dance Night. It's the 50th anniversary of the Class of 1968. Shouldn't it be a 60s Dance Night? Just wondering about the changes.

    • DanceRobin Rasar, Sun Feb 11 16:00
      The music will be 60ís and 70ís. Itís ďMake love not warĒ. Will check on the ending of the dance for you.
      • Re: DanceDarlene, Wed Feb 14 14:52
        Thank you, Robin and Sonny. Have fun!
    • 60's dancesDon Cooper 437, Sat Jan 6 11:28
      The Golden Era of Dance:
    • 60's dance researchDon Cooper 437, Sat Jan 6 11:19
      It will not be the same without you, Darlene. Will review the dance theme with reunion planners. We are going to have to learn a lot of dances. I'm bringing dancing socks. 1965-Do the Freddie-Freddie ... more
    • Re: Chattanooga Reunion 2018Lyn, Fri Jan 5 23:31
      Sorrry you wont be there Darlene. I donít know the answers to your questions but I have one of my own to add. Why is the dance over at 10 P M???? Thatís awful early..I donít think Iím that old yet..... more
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