Anne Sorce
Nancy Cadenhead
Sat Jun 9, 2018 00:15


I don't remember a brother either, but there were a lot of alums who I thought were only children or only had 1 sibling and when I started looking for them found there were sib(s) in grade school when we were in Bitburg. I'm pretty sure this is our Nancy. I remember seeing her in a roster years ago with a female partner. You could always try calling some of the names listed in her obituary or searching FaceBook for them.

  • Nancy CadenheadDonna Ryan, Fri Jun 8 16:39
    The age of Nancy Cadenhead would be about right however I do not remember her having a brother. I sure hope it is not our Nancy. Thank you for the information.....
    • Nancy Cadenhead — Anne Sorce, Sat Jun 9 00:15
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