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Looking for my mini's breeder
Sun Jul 11, 2010 12:10

Hi all you nice Schnauzer lovers:
I have a darling little girl schnauzer who I found on Craig's list and for whom paid a small "rehoming" fee last year. I felt it was the next thing to rescuing her at the time, as she was being kept in her kennel 12-14 hours a day, had no training at 8 months old and did not even know her name. She is now the most adorable, most patient, most loving little dog ever. I have had two other (rescue)MS over the years and loved each one dearly, and she is such a delight. The lady I got her from said her breeder had moved to another state. I would like to reconnect with them and let them know their puppy has ended up in a loving home where she is so greatly appreciated and happy. I am in Colorado Springs, and was told the breeder (who may have been a small or "backyard" breeder) moved to Nebraska or Kansas. Her parents are listed as Bella and Buddy, the last name on her litter papers is Garcia. She is a tiny girl, only ten pounds now that she is full grown (she was born in May of 2008) and she is white. Her litter name was Sadie. (She's my Pearl, now!) If anyone recognizes this description, please help me contact her 'original' family! Thanks a lot everyone.

    • No contact information mss, Sun Jul 11 18:46
      There's no way for anyone to contact you except by posting the information right here on this board, which might not be appropriate. Just keep on loving Pearl for her adorable, patient and loving... more
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