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Good idea
Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:46

It's a good idea about the muzzle. I don't know why I didn't think of it before. At least as a temporary measure it would certainly make me feel more comfortable. I will also call the area rescue and ask them. I know there was no deep puncture but I'm not sure if the bite broke the skin or not. He bit the man on the buttocks. The man yelled at us for a while and then stomped off. I didn't see any blood but it's hard to tell through pants. The man didn't give us the chance to ask him any questions, like how bad it was. I did tell him my dog was up to date on his shots and that he should let us know if he needed stitches. We haven't heard from him so I assume that he did not need medical care. But it was only on Monday so we may just get a bill in the mail, I don't know.

  • Not sureAnonymous, Wed Jul 14 18:22
    I don't know if people who might post on this chat board could speak for what different rescue organizations might do. It might be a good idea to actually call some in your area and describe the... more
    • Good idea — Julie, Thu Jul 15 10:46
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