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Your Mini
Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:04

Hi Julie,
My little rescue has had his share of issues, and has twice snapped and just barely missed biting two different men on the buttocks (i had his leash tight). I have been working with several trainers and behavioralists though by no means do I have any good answers for you. I have some suggestions, please forgive me if you have already considered these. What about crating him when folks are around? Is that a possibility? It might provide him some mental and physical security. Could you attach his leash to yourself when home and that way he goes everywhere with you? I have two very good books - i hope i get teh names right - Training (or working?) with the Difficult Dog - it is positive reinforcement based on breed and history, and it has really helped me alot. Also, another book i am using right now - Bonding with your Dog - by i think Kim or Pat Miller - it is also an excellent book that may have some good suggestions. It sounds like your little one is fear aggressive and territorial - there should be some steps you can take to help, maybe also ask your vet for something to calm him down in the meantime? Is his diet okay? Is he healthy? Just terrified? I applaud you for reaching out and making sure that if you give him up that it is to a good home. I wish I could help more. With my little one, i just went right back to basics and took it very very slow. Things have improved enormously, and I have been surprised. I hope something improves for the better for you and your little guy. At one point for mine, i found a behaviorist that also did 'remedial socialization' and if necessary would take him for a week - she only does positive training. I know it can be financially out of reach, but maybe someone like that in your area could give some tips and chat with you.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that things improve.

  • A Serious QuestionJulie, Tue Jul 13 11:29
    I was wondering whether those of you who work with rescues would be able to tell me if rescue organizations would consider taking a dog who had bitten someone. I have a difficult situation at home.... more
    • Your Mini — Christine, Thu Jul 15 12:04
      • Thanks for supportJulie, Fri Jul 16 11:41
        Thank you for your support. I have had my guy on Prozac pretty much ever since we got him three years ago, but stupidly I took him off of it in April of this year. I had been seriously ill myself and ... more
        • Vision problems may well contributemss, Fri Jul 16 11:53
          I have heard of other vision-impaired dogs that have fear-agression problems because they don't know what's going on around them well enough. The rescue organization of another breed is dealing with... more
    • your dogbonnie , Wed Jul 14 06:36
      what city and state are u in
      • I'm in MarylandJulie, Wed Jul 14 08:14
        I'm in Maryland. The closest city is Baltimore. What I really want is to keep my dog so I have not contacted rescue organizations. I know we have a good one in my state. I just wondered whether or... more
        • your minibonnie , Thu Jul 15 03:11
          can u send me your email address or phone nunber and i wil call you to try to help you. i hve schnauzers and also a bichon who bit l/3 of my finger off and i was rushed to the hospital and had also... more
          • email addressJulie, Thu Jul 15 10:39
            My email is I can only access it in the evenings and on weekends. I am sorry to hear about your bite. It sounds really bad. It never occured to me that you could put a dog in rescue... more
        • Not sureAnonymous, Wed Jul 14 18:22
          I don't know if people who might post on this chat board could speak for what different rescue organizations might do. It might be a good idea to actually call some in your area and describe the... more
          • Good ideaJulie, Thu Jul 15 10:46
            It's a good idea about the muzzle. I don't know why I didn't think of it before. At least as a temporary measure it would certainly make me feel more comfortable. I will also call the area rescue and ... more
    • Re: A Serious QuestionTracy, Wed Jul 14 05:04
      I do not work in rescue, but I wanted to offer some suggestions. Maybe let us know what area you are located in so if there is a rescue in that area on here they can respond. Also have you tried... more
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