Re: Vision problems may well contribute
Tue Jul 20, 2010 10:36

Yes, the behaviorist knew about the vision problems and modified her recommendations because of it. I think a home with less activity would be great for him. However,I know how much work I have to do with him and I worry that if someone else had him they might not put as much effort into him. If they don't continue to work with him I am afraid he might bite someone again and ultimately be put down. On the other hand, if I can't work with him enough and I can't keep him out of harm's way that might end up the same way. He has really been on edge since we have so many people going in and out of the house and I think he is having cummulative stress. He doesn't get much of a chance to relax and I worry that it is building up. If he went back to the breeder he would be hanging out with many other dogs, but not with many people. She said she has people visit her when they are interested in puppies, and they see the puppies and moms and dads but they don't usually get close to her other adult dogs. I guess she keeps the other adult dogs away from the young puppies. Since my guy is neutered I know for a fact he won't be one of the dads.

  • Vision problems may well contributemss, Fri Jul 16 11:53
    I have heard of other vision-impaired dogs that have fear-agression problems because they don't know what's going on around them well enough. The rescue organization of another breed is dealing with... more
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