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Tue Jul 27, 2010 20:18

I have a 9 year old Schnauzer mix that is obsessed with licking. She loves to lick your feet, face, herself, and furniture. The most annoying is the recliner. She never bites or tears it - just licks huge wet spots! She's also licking away the texture. Aside from loading up the chair with books, etc., when not in use, does anyone have any ideas how to break the habit? Is she too old? Has anyone dealt with this? Thanks for any suggestions you might have.

    • lickingbonnie , Wed Jul 28 06:02
      this could be from boredom, lack of exercise a vitamin deficienty or ocd. did u discuss this with your dr. (ocd) obsessive compulsive disorder)
      • Re: lickingSuz, Wed Jul 28 11:49
        You might have a point there - boredom & lack of exercise. I will discuss it with her vet. Thanks!
        • Re: lickingbonnie , Thu Jul 29 06:25
          u are wlecome keepme posted
          • Re: lickingSuz, Wed Aug 4 21:47
            Hey Bonnie. I put a towel in that chair, and got her out a toy that she enjoys chewing on. The licking seems to have subsided a good bit. I think your suggestion of boredom might be the key. When it... more
            • LickingBonnie, Fri Aug 6 11:27
              I am glad that your doggie is doing better but still tLk to the vet for blood tests I am taking my dog for the cushing test keep me posted Whereare uiam in the poconos in pa
              • Re: LickingSuz, Sun Aug 15 16:22
                I'm in Northern Georgia.
            • Re: lickingJulie, Thu Aug 5 05:42
              Another way to keep your dog stimulated is to feed her using treat-dispensing toys. I almost never use a bowl to give my dog food. I have about five different food dispensing toys and I rotate them.... more
              • Re: lickingSuz, Sun Aug 15 16:21
                Bonnie & Julie! Thanks so much for the great ideas! She's so incredibly smart, & she looks at you in a analytically way! I will ask the vet about Cushings and also try the treat-dispensing toys.... more
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