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Re: licking
Wed Aug 4, 2010 21:47

Hey Bonnie. I put a towel in that chair, and got her out a toy that she enjoys chewing on. The licking seems to have subsided a good bit. I think your suggestion of boredom might be the key. When it cools off, we'll be getting back into our walking routine. I will keep her busy! Thanks for your suggestions!

  • Re: lickingbonnie , Thu Jul 29 06:25
    u are wlecome keepme posted
    • Re: licking — Suz, Wed Aug 4 21:47
      • LickingBonnie, Fri Aug 6 11:27
        I am glad that your doggie is doing better but still tLk to the vet for blood tests I am taking my dog for the cushing test keep me posted Whereare uiam in the poconos in pa
        • Re: LickingSuz, Sun Aug 15 16:22
          I'm in Northern Georgia.
      • Re: lickingJulie, Thu Aug 5 05:42
        Another way to keep your dog stimulated is to feed her using treat-dispensing toys. I almost never use a bowl to give my dog food. I have about five different food dispensing toys and I rotate them.... more
        • Re: lickingSuz, Sun Aug 15 16:21
          Bonnie & Julie! Thanks so much for the great ideas! She's so incredibly smart, & she looks at you in a analytically way! I will ask the vet about Cushings and also try the treat-dispensing toys.... more
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