Re: licking
Sun Aug 15, 2010 16:21

Bonnie & Julie! Thanks so much for the great ideas! She's so incredibly smart, & she looks at you in a analytically way! I will ask the vet about Cushings and also try the treat-dispensing toys. Popsicles - I like that. Will treat dispensing toys cause two dogs to fight? (My other dog is a mini Schnauzer.) She's a funny dog... doesn't really like to go outside except to take care of business. She loves her chair and loves to lick it! Maybe she's a neat freak? If I have a towel in it though, she doesn't lick at all. Another thought I had... she's only part Schnauzer... and I hate to say it... the other half I believe is Chihuahua! Yikes!

  • Re: lickingJulie, Thu Aug 5 05:42
    Another way to keep your dog stimulated is to feed her using treat-dispensing toys. I almost never use a bowl to give my dog food. I have about five different food dispensing toys and I rotate them.... more
    • Re: licking — Suz, Sun Aug 15 16:21
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