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Charlie & spencer looking for a home
Thu Sep 9, 2010 08:17

hello my name is bradi and my mother has two miniature schnauzers they are the sweetest but unfortunantly my mom no longer has the time or place for them. she is relocating to a place that does not accept animals they are truly part of the family and so sweet. one is all white and is three his name is spencer he is a bundle of energy and always brings a smile to my face. then there is charlie he is salt and pepper he is six and he has the sweetest heart he is very layed back and loves to cuddle. they are house broken crate trained. and all around wonderful dogs they have been loved. i am looking for another loving home for them it doesnt havee to be together but unfortunantly it has to be soon. this is my last resort i have tried everything else and have had no luck. if nothing these loving dogs will have to go to the ound which i would hate to see that happen. they are up to date on there shots and are both neutered. please if you or any one can help i would be so greatful.

    • Re: Charlie & spencer looking for a hometracy, Wed Sep 15 06:57
      Have you contacted your local rescues, a schnauzer rescue would be ideal if they have room. Also there is and where you can post free adoption ads. Let us know where the... more
      • where are the dogsbonnie , Thu Sep 16 06:18
        anyone asking for help should alwasys say where the animal is. how can we help if we dont know.
    • where city and statebonnie , Fri Sep 10 07:39
      hi i have schnazuers and am interested in your two .. but i dont know where you are. i am in pa in the pocono area... please tell me where u are so i know whether i can help you ... bonnie
    • Location?? (nm)Anonymous, Thu Sep 9 16:34
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