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sick mini
Mon Sep 27, 2010 03:19

I would appreciate any help from anyone experiencing something similar..i have a 3 yr old femsle mini...i have had since she was a the past year she has had these episodes of obvious discomfort where she will not be able to sit still and will shake for hours..i brought her to the emergency vet the first time and they diagnosed her with pancreatitis..although they were not really sure..they put her on an antibiotic and pain med (tramadol) and it seemed to do the trick...they also put her on Science diet w/d to limit her fats..i mix it w a small amt of homemade chicken soup with veggies (carrots and celery) and low fat broth to entice her to eat it which she does..i am not convinced this is the problem...she has had xrays which show nothing (no stones etc0 and bloodwork and urine work...anyone have any ideas...i am going crazy as it seems to be increasing in between bouts...every month or so..another one last night so off to the vet i go..thanks!

    • Pancreatitis articlemss, Fri Oct 1 19:47
      I think my mini/mix had pancreatitis and it may have contributed to her death last year. (there's a whole string of posts about her a couple pages down on this site, until the topic turned to an... more
      • sick miniro, Sat Oct 2 03:36
        so sorry about your mini...the first episode they did give her fluids and pain meds..but she still seemed uncomfortable so a day later they put her on an antibiotic and that is what seems to turn her ... more
        • Re: sick miniAnonymous, Sun Oct 3 10:13
          feed your dog plain non fat yogurt 1 tbls a day- no problems with pancreitis or other stomach problems. this infor per russian breeder who swears by this treatment. no reply necessary.
        • your sick minimss, Sat Oct 2 22:17
          Glad the antibiotics helped your dog. :o) I don't want to scare you too much, but I believe miniature schnauzers are also more likely to get bladder and/or kidney stones than many other breeds. So I... more
          • although .... hmmmmss, Sat Oct 2 22:27
            If urinalysis didn't show anything out of the ordinary, wouldn't that suggest it was NOT a urinary tract infection? Hmmm I wouldn't rule out the possibility that it is pancreatitis and either it... more
    • Re: sick miniAnonymous, Tue Sep 28 10:24
      Hi! i have had minis for over 2o years now.. My current mini goes through spells like this and we found it is this anal sacs hurting him. This is just a suggestion, and something to have checked out.
    • your dogbonnie , Tue Sep 28 07:44
      i think that she should have a conplete examination.....was she tested for lymes allergies,,,,,,
      • miniro, Tue Sep 28 10:20
        yes she has a complete exam, urine, blood work, xrays to no avail..i was talking with another person who has a female mini from the same breeder and it just so happens her mini has had UTI virtually... more
        • illBrenda, Mon Oct 31 11:29
          Be careful using the chicken broth. We were not able to find a chicken broth or stock that did not have onion in it. Our baby had elevated liver enzymes and we were told to feed LD from Science Diet, ... more
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