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sick mini
Sat Oct 2, 2010 03:36

so sorry about your mini...the first episode they did give her fluids and pain meds..but she still seemed uncomfortable so a day later they put her on an antibiotic and that is what seems to turn her around...they think she may have reocurring utis though not sure why on top of the occasional pancreatitis epsiodes..thank you for the article...i know mini's have a lot of heslth issues unfortunately (of course i did not know this before i got her!)
thank you to everyone...

  • Pancreatitis articlemss, Fri Oct 1 19:47
    I think my mini/mix had pancreatitis and it may have contributed to her death last year. (there's a whole string of posts about her a couple pages down on this site, until the topic turned to an... more
    • sick mini — ro, Sat Oct 2 03:36
      • Re: sick miniAnonymous, Sun Oct 3 10:13
        feed your dog plain non fat yogurt 1 tbls a day- no problems with pancreitis or other stomach problems. this infor per russian breeder who swears by this treatment. no reply necessary.
      • your sick minimss, Sat Oct 2 22:17
        Glad the antibiotics helped your dog. :o) I don't want to scare you too much, but I believe miniature schnauzers are also more likely to get bladder and/or kidney stones than many other breeds. So I... more
        • although .... hmmmmss, Sat Oct 2 22:27
          If urinalysis didn't show anything out of the ordinary, wouldn't that suggest it was NOT a urinary tract infection? Hmmm I wouldn't rule out the possibility that it is pancreatitis and either it... more
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