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Re: sick mini
Sun Oct 3, 2010 10:13

feed your dog plain non fat yogurt 1 tbls a day- no problems
with pancreitis or other stomach problems. this infor
per russian breeder who swears by this treatment.
no reply necessary.

  • sick miniro, Sat Oct 2 03:36
    so sorry about your mini...the first episode they did give her fluids and pain meds..but she still seemed uncomfortable so a day later they put her on an antibiotic and that is what seems to turn her ... more
    • Re: sick mini — Anonymous, Sun Oct 3 10:13
    • your sick minimss, Sat Oct 2 22:17
      Glad the antibiotics helped your dog. :o) I don't want to scare you too much, but I believe miniature schnauzers are also more likely to get bladder and/or kidney stones than many other breeds. So I... more
      • although .... hmmmmss, Sat Oct 2 22:27
        If urinalysis didn't show anything out of the ordinary, wouldn't that suggest it was NOT a urinary tract infection? Hmmm I wouldn't rule out the possibility that it is pancreatitis and either it... more
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