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A slight change in my grooming routine
Mon Mar 21, 2011 10:17

For my oily-skinned mini, I am still using the salicylic acid shampoo as I described in December. Her skin is much better, but her coat is still unpleasantly oily in less than 2 weeks.

So in case the conditioner I was using was just adding oil back in, I got some Humilac to use as a rinse. It is described by the manufacturer (Virbac) as an oil-free humectant "to aid in the soothing of dry skin and to restore luster to the hair coat without leaving a greasy or oily film."

I used it yesterday, and her coat is very pleasant and wasn't too hard to comb through. I'll let you know if it works better for my oily dog than the other conditioner!

  • Thanks again. Pearl, Wed Dec 1 15:48
    Thank you again. I would like to know the name of the special shampoo your are using. Pearl, (We have five of our own plus foster(s) waiting for their transport).
    • A slight change in my grooming routine — mss, Mon Mar 21 10:17
    • My rescue from over a year ago, Annie, also has very greasy skin and fur. I've decided she probably had not been neglected as long as the shelter thought, because I have trouble keeping up with it!... more
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