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your dog
Fri Oct 28, 2011 01:48

did u find a home for your dog i am in the pocono area of pa

  • A new home for my Schnauzer?Roger Cline, Mon Apr 18 09:55
    We need to find a loving home for our 5 year old Schnauzer. We can no longer afford his upkeep due to the economy we are strapped. He is salt and pepper and beautiul. He is good with everyone,... more
    • your dog — bonnie, Fri Oct 28 01:48
    • Re: A new home for my Schnauzer?pat, Thu Apr 21 07:30
      Okay, I have a member in Liberty Center. I might be able to get him to come get him. Please don't take him to a shelter.
      • Thank youRoger Cline, Fri Apr 22 18:13
        Pat..I forever will be in you debt for helping to find a home for one of my schnauzers. He was picked up at 2;30 this after noon. I miss him so much and I cried like baby when he went with Mr. Viars. ... more
        • Re: Thank youpat, Sat Apr 23 14:41
          We will take care of him and if you decide to let the other one go, just let me know.
      • SchnauzerRoger Cline, Thu Apr 21 07:35
        I will wait for your friend.
    • your schnauzerpat, Tue Apr 19 05:09
      Hi, Would you want us to take your dog into our rescue group? Pat Miller, President
      • SchnauzerAnonymous, Tue Apr 19 07:35
        Yes, we would like you to take him and find a good home for him.
        • Re: Schnauzerpat, Tue Apr 19 08:01
          Okay, how far are you from cincinnati? Is he up to date on all of his shots?
          • SchnauzerAnonymous, Tue Apr 19 08:23
            We are 199 miles away from you. We live outside Toledo. He is due for his leptospirosis shot.
          • Re: SchnauzerAnonymous, Tue Apr 19 08:22
            We are 199 miles away from you. We live outside Toledo. He is due for his leptospirosis shot.
            • Re: Schnauzerpat, Tue Apr 19 14:25
              Can you get him to Cincinnati?
              • My SchnauzerRoger Cline, Wed Apr 20 18:24
                There is no way I could get him to Cincinnati. Roger
                • getting your dog to rescueTracy, Thu Apr 21 05:15
                  If there is someone in Pat's rescue who is a member of or you cuold sign up for free membership, there is a forum on there where you can seek help in the transport of the mini from Toledo ... more
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