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Mon Oct 31, 2011 11:29

Be careful using the chicken broth. We were not able to find a chicken broth or stock that did not have onion in it. Our baby had elevated liver enzymes and we were told to feed LD from Science Diet, she hated it. We placed her on a medication from the vet and stopped feeding her the LD and stopped the chicken. We had been feeding a food that we thought was made here in the US, it turns out that several of the ingredients are shipped from China. We have now switched to a food called Natures Logic and continue to use the medication from the vet and her liver enzymes are now normal.

  • miniro, Tue Sep 28 10:20
    yes she has a complete exam, urine, blood work, xrays to no avail..i was talking with another person who has a female mini from the same breeder and it just so happens her mini has had UTI virtually... more
    • ill — Brenda, Mon Oct 31 11:29
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