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Re: mini tail dockin
Mon Jan 9, 2012 14:03

Poor thing. :o( All my dogs for at least 10 years have been rescues that have their tails, so that would be beyond my experience anyway.

Can you put the video on youtube or a similar site so others can look at it?

Maybe she needs to see a neurologist.

Another idea I had was that it might be neurological, somekind of seizure activity. Either way, maybe a neurologist could help, especially with the video available.

{{{{Roberta and her girl}}}}

  • mini tail dockinRoberta, Mon Jan 9 05:19
    Thank you so much for your response...i have actually videotaped her having one of her "episodes" to show the vet..i don't think it is neck/back spasms since she is really not an active dog...just... more
    • Re: mini tail dockin — mss, Mon Jan 9 14:03
      • mini schnauzerRoberta, Wed Jan 11 07:57
        Have not been on in a few days..she seems to be getting worse...very lethargic etc so i brought her in to the vet yesterday..did a complete workup on her..was questioning if it could be... more
        • Re: mini schnauzermss, Sun Jan 15 09:57
          I hope you get some clear answers and that your dog is soon on the road to recovery! {{{{}}}} This board is very quiet these days, but I hope you will let us know.
          • mini painRoberta, Sun Jan 15 11:59
            Thank you for your well wishes...has been a long few days...her blood levels were dangerously low (14,000) so vet very concerned she could start bleeding.on wed she was put on doxycycline and 5 mg... more
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