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mini pain
Sun Jan 15, 2012 11:59

Thank you for your well wishes...has been a long few days...her blood levels were dangerously low (14,000) so vet very concerned she could start bleeding.on wed she was put on doxycycline and 5 mg prednisone 2x day..her lyme test came back positive...she seems a little better but still not comfortable all the time..not sure if this is meds or possiby the old problem still not resolved...waiting for new blood work results...

  • Re: mini schnauzermss, Sun Jan 15 09:57
    I hope you get some clear answers and that your dog is soon on the road to recovery! {{{{}}}} This board is very quiet these days, but I hope you will let us know.
    • mini pain — Roberta, Sun Jan 15 11:59
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