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Can you take your dog to home visits?
Tue Jan 17, 2012 10:29

I am thinking about volunteering with my local schnauzer rescue, but I don't want to take time away from my dogs. I was wondering if I could somehow combine the two. I would be interested in doing home visits to evaluate potential adopters. I have a lot of experience interviewing and evaluating people professionally. I was wondering what people's thoughts were about bringing one of my dogs along on some of the visits? The dog I have in mind is very calm and good natured and used to going all kinds of places with me. She has passed her Canine Good Citizen test and is used to "temperament test" other dogs at the doggie day care we sometimes use. Of course I would let the people know I would have a dog with me before I got there and I would make sure that any resident dogs are dog friendly. Is this something that people do? Are there some suggestions as to how to make this more likely to be successful? If this is not a good idea then are there any suggestions as to how I could help out a rescue and still have my dogs around? I can't foster - my husband has absolutely put his foot down on this one.

    • Home visitsPam O'Brien, Wed Jun 29 15:28
      We require you to bring your dog. You can tell a lot by how they react with yours. If your dog doesn't like them it is a red flag ;)
    • They might like your dog so well, the rescued dog would seem like a poor aecond best! :o) Depending on the weather, maybe you could just take your dog along in the car for a nice ride--if you have... more
      • Re: Can you take your dog to home visits?Julie, Fri Jan 20 11:56
        Good idea to take the dog along for the ride, but I can't count on having another human with me when I go. By the way, my dog is doing well now, but when I first got her from a rescue organization... more
    • home visitsbonnie, Tue Jan 17 23:00
      what is the name of the local schnauzer rescue... i think that it is a good idea but should be discussed with the rescue. also remember dogs act different when they are not on their own turf
      • Re: home visitsJulie, Fri Jan 20 11:58
        Thanks. I will check with them and see what they say.
        • recuebonnie, Fri Jan 20 14:28
          can u tell me the name of the rescue
          • rescue namebonnie, Sat Jan 21 02:13
            i wnder why u are not giving me the name of the rescue. i have worked with several and am curious.
            • Rescue nameJulie, Mon Jan 23 04:48
              Sorry, I have not been on line since my last post. I wasn't trying to avoid giving you the name. I would be working with Schnauzer Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic. I have not had a chance to contact them... more
              • schnauzer rescuebonnie, Mon Jan 23 09:17
                hi when u contact schnauzer rescue and speak to linda let me know how u make out. just curious.
              • rescue namebonnie, Mon Jan 23 09:07
                hi i had a feeling it was that comment
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