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Re: No Subject
Tue Jan 17, 2012 12:25

I'm not signed up to receive posts via email. But if you come to the actual website, you will see that there's hardly any activity here anymore. So maybe there just is nothing for you to receive.

  • No Subjectbonnie, Mon Jan 16 03:21
    i am not getting these posts on a daily basis. this has been going on for some time can someone pelase tell me if they also are having problems.
    • Re: No Subject — mss, Tue Jan 17 12:25
      • originatorbonnie, Tue Jan 17 13:30
        hi are u the originator of this site. wonder why it is not used that much it used to be a great site for schnauzer lovers like me
        • No, it's not me--I'm just a fan, toomss, Wed Jan 18 10:26
          I've posted here from time to time since the late 1990s, I think! :o I've rescued more dogs of other breeds recently, so I hadn't been coming here as often. I suspect is the predominant ... more
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