No, it's not me--I'm just a fan, too
Wed Jan 18, 2012 10:26

I've posted here from time to time since the late 1990s, I think! :o I've rescued more dogs of other breeds recently, so I hadn't been coming here as often.

I suspect is the predominant site for adoptable dogs--and maybe some Facebook groups--but not so good for getting the word out for those in danger.

I visit fairly frequently to look for dogs in my area. That is a site that is used by many public shelters, as well as private rescue groups.

  • originatorbonnie, Tue Jan 17 13:30
    hi are u the originator of this site. wonder why it is not used that much it used to be a great site for schnauzer lovers like me
    • No, it's not me--I'm just a fan, too — mss, Wed Jan 18 10:26
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