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Re: Can you take your dog to home visits?
Fri Jan 20, 2012 11:56

Good idea to take the dog along for the ride, but I can't count on having another human with me when I go.

By the way, my dog is doing well now, but when I first got her from a rescue organization she was a mess, physically and mentally. She almost died, she was only 2/3 of the weight she should have been, and she could hardly move. Maybe I can show them some "before" pictures so they can see how much a rescue dog can improve. Also, I can explain what (mild) behavioral difficulties we had with her and show them how far she has come. And if it really is a problem that their rescue dog will look bad in comparison then I can always bring along my other dog who will bark,snarl, and hide. Their new dog will look like an angel in comparison! :)

  • They might like your dog so well, the rescued dog would seem like a poor aecond best! :o) Depending on the weather, maybe you could just take your dog along in the car for a nice ride--if you have... more
    • Re: Can you take your dog to home visits? — Julie, Fri Jan 20 11:56
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