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Rescue name
Mon Jan 23, 2012 04:48

Sorry, I have not been on line since my last post. I wasn't trying to avoid giving you the name. I would be working with Schnauzer Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic. I have not had a chance to contact them yet, so they won't know who I am but I live in Maryland so they are the nearest group. One of my Schnauzers comes from the Tri-State anmial rescue that brings dogs up from the South and transports them to MD, NY and other points in New England. I could volunteer with them but they don't do home visits. I suppose I could do phone interviews for them. They are not Schnauzer-specific. They rescue all breeds.

  • rescue namebonnie, Sat Jan 21 02:13
    i wnder why u are not giving me the name of the rescue. i have worked with several and am curious.
    • Rescue name — Julie, Mon Jan 23 04:48
      • schnauzer rescuebonnie, Mon Jan 23 09:17
        hi when u contact schnauzer rescue and speak to linda let me know how u make out. just curious.
      • rescue namebonnie, Mon Jan 23 09:07
        hi i had a feeling it was that comment
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