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Miniature Schnauzer wanted
Wed Jun 20, 2012 04:49

We are looking for a female miniature schnauzer to join our lovely family. Rather than just go out and buy a puppy (extremely tempted!!) we thought we should investigate finding a schnauzer in need of a good home. We are looking for one up to 3 years old with no health issues, must be used to small children, ideally silver / salt n pepper. We would also consider schnoodles too.

    • more possible contacts for Schnauzer in UKmicwtx, Thu Jun 21 10:30 they have a list of animal welfare places near you. Any one of them may have a schnauzer available or know of one. You might also check with vets and... more
    • Schnauzer rescue in UKmicwtx, Thu Jun 21 10:20
      Below is the list of contacts and websites of organisations and individuals involved in UK Schnauzer rescue. Just click on the links or call the person listed for more information: The Schnauzer Club ... more
      • are u micbonnie, Thu Jun 21 21:35
        is this mic m. from texas....
        • are you mic from texasmicwtx, Fri Jun 22 07:15
          Hi Bonnie, Yes this is Mic from Texas. Am traveling full time now. This is the first time in about two years I have had to look at the Schnauzer Rescue board. Hope I was able to help Kathy in the UK. ... more
          • Re: are you mic from texasAnonymous, Sun Jun 24 10:08
            mic if u check u will see that this board is not very active anymore. i used to get messages all the time and reply not anymore i didnt know u were from england. i will answer your long email when i... more
          • Re: are you mic from texasbonnie, Fri Jun 22 07:26
            hi mic .. well how are u. so much has happened here. can u send me your email address.... or if u have it is the same. i think of u often. have 7 dogs here . my last couple of years have not been... more
    • schnauzer rescuebonnie, Thu Jun 21 02:05
      pleae donot buy any dog. there are so many that needhomes u didnt mention where u are .... please tell me what city what state so i can direct your email thanks bonnie in pa
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