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Schnauzer rescue in UK
Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:20

Below is the list of contacts and websites of organisations and individuals involved in UK Schnauzer rescue. Just click on the links or call the person listed for more information:

The Schnauzer Club of Great Britain - Schnauzer Rescue

Miniature Schnauzer Club Re-Home and Rescue Trust
Janet Callow on 0161 439 3233
Kevin Durso on 01376 563072.
Hi kathy,

Here is a list I found that mentions schanuzer rescue in the UK. I'm sure that if they don't have what you are looking for they can piint you in the right direction or put your name on a list for anything that comes in. Great choice in adopting versus buying. If you were in the US there are loads more rescues and animals available.
Good luck on your search. PS I am from Aberdeen originally!

Miniature Schnauzer Rescue
Mr & Mrs A Leadbetter, Dyfed, Wales. Tel: 01646 692943

Northern Schnauzer Club Rescue
Co-ordinator, Ann McElroy Tel: 01706 831847

Giant Schnauzer Club
Mr K Carroll 01524 411220

  • Miniature Schnauzer wantedKate, Wed Jun 20 04:49
    Hi, We are looking for a female miniature schnauzer to join our lovely family. Rather than just go out and buy a puppy (extremely tempted!!) we thought we should investigate finding a schnauzer in... more
    • more possible contacts for Schnauzer in UKmicwtx, Thu Jun 21 10:30 they have a list of animal welfare places near you. Any one of them may have a schnauzer available or know of one. You might also check with vets and... more
    • Schnauzer rescue in UK — micwtx, Thu Jun 21 10:20
      • are u micbonnie, Thu Jun 21 21:35
        is this mic m. from texas....
        • are you mic from texasmicwtx, Fri Jun 22 07:15
          Hi Bonnie, Yes this is Mic from Texas. Am traveling full time now. This is the first time in about two years I have had to look at the Schnauzer Rescue board. Hope I was able to help Kathy in the UK. ... more
          • Re: are you mic from texasAnonymous, Sun Jun 24 10:08
            mic if u check u will see that this board is not very active anymore. i used to get messages all the time and reply not anymore i didnt know u were from england. i will answer your long email when i... more
          • Re: are you mic from texasbonnie, Fri Jun 22 07:26
            hi mic .. well how are u. so much has happened here. can u send me your email address.... or if u have it is the same. i think of u often. have 7 dogs here . my last couple of years have not been... more
    • schnauzer rescuebonnie, Thu Jun 21 02:05
      pleae donot buy any dog. there are so many that needhomes u didnt mention where u are .... please tell me what city what state so i can direct your email thanks bonnie in pa
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