Giant Schnauzer is hurt. Please help us!
Mon Feb 25, 2013 07:38

My 4 month GIANT SCHNUAZER fell/jumped off the bed. She broke her femura! I am so freaking out. They vet said that it is broken on or by the growth plate. They said that there are only 2 surgical options. 1. A FHO, which will be a faster healing however it will stunt the growth in that spot causing that leg to be shorter. 2. or put pins in to try and heal the bone, then taking them out in 4 weeks. they say this procedure is riskier and a longer recovery but it is possible for her to actually heal instead of removing the bone. The FHO is the cheaper route. It seems no one will work with us on payments and we were declined by carecredit as we just bought a new car last week!!! :( I am unsure what to do. My Layla still has alot of growing to do. She is 36 pounds now and expected to reach 100 pounds. No one can help me to determine how much shorter her leg will be, will it be cenimeters, inches, or inches? I am overwhelmed and so sad to see her in so much pain. Here is her xray report. Can you please shed any light? We live in Florida

A definitive capital physeal fracture involving the right proximal femur. The right femoral head remains seated within the right acetabulum however, is incongruent and shifted cranially and laterally. The right femoral neck is caudally displaced relative to the femoral head. The remainder of the right pelvic limb is normal. The pelvis is unremarkable.
Caudal abdominal serosal detail is adequate given the young age of the patient. No other abnormalities are seen.
Thank you so much! We LOVE our Layla and are so worried about making the right choices for her.

    • I'm not a vet or even close to a medical doctor just to put it out there. However, I think you should really take a close look at the surgery with pins and do anything to avoid stunting the growth. ... more
    • RE: Giant Schnauzer is hurt. Please help us!Nadine T., Mon Feb 25 17:30
      I suggest you contact the Giant Schnauzer Club of America They may be able to help. Also, did you contact Layla's breeder for assistance? There are a couple of breeders listed in FL: FL GS breeders . ... more
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