Re: Giant Schnauzer is hurt. Please help us!
Tue Feb 26, 2013 05:47

I'm not a vet or even close to a medical doctor just to put it out there.

However, I think you should really take a close look at the surgery with pins and do anything to avoid stunting the growth. If she's not even half grown, you can imagine the legs quite a bit larger then they are now.

I would think the 'risky' option of inserting pins is not the procedure, rather keeping the dog immobile for recovery. As a human, I had pins inserted into my elbow last year. It takes a long time to recover and of course this will be hard, esp. as a puppy.

The other option just sounds quick and inexpensive to be honest.

In my view, I'd go for the pins. See if you can pull together donations from the Schnauzer club or even do a little crowdsourced funding online.

I've also never heard of a vet NOT taking payments as an option. Maybe it's time to get a different evaluation from another vet who does take payment in installments.

Keep us posted! Best wishes for Layla!

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      I suggest you contact the Giant Schnauzer Club of America They may be able to help. Also, did you contact Layla's breeder for assistance? There are a couple of breeders listed in FL: FL GS breeders . ... more
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