Pam O'Brien
Home visits
Wed Jun 29, 2016 15:28

We require you to bring your dog. You can tell a lot by how they react with yours.

If your dog doesn't like them it is a red flag ;)

  • Can you take your dog to home visits?Julie, Tue Jan 17 10:29
    I am thinking about volunteering with my local schnauzer rescue, but I don't want to take time away from my dogs. I was wondering if I could somehow combine the two. I would be interested in doing... more
    • Home visits — Pam O'Brien, Wed Jun 29 15:28
    • They might like your dog so well, the rescued dog would seem like a poor aecond best! :o) Depending on the weather, maybe you could just take your dog along in the car for a nice ride--if you have... more
      • Re: Can you take your dog to home visits?Julie, Fri Jan 20 11:56
        Good idea to take the dog along for the ride, but I can't count on having another human with me when I go. By the way, my dog is doing well now, but when I first got her from a rescue organization... more
    • home visitsbonnie, Tue Jan 17 23:00
      what is the name of the local schnauzer rescue... i think that it is a good idea but should be discussed with the rescue. also remember dogs act different when they are not on their own turf
      • Re: home visitsJulie, Fri Jan 20 11:58
        Thanks. I will check with them and see what they say.
        • recuebonnie, Fri Jan 20 14:28
          can u tell me the name of the rescue
          • rescue namebonnie, Sat Jan 21 02:13
            i wnder why u are not giving me the name of the rescue. i have worked with several and am curious.
            • Rescue nameJulie, Mon Jan 23 04:48
              Sorry, I have not been on line since my last post. I wasn't trying to avoid giving you the name. I would be working with Schnauzer Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic. I have not had a chance to contact them... more
              • schnauzer rescuebonnie, Mon Jan 23 09:17
                hi when u contact schnauzer rescue and speak to linda let me know how u make out. just curious.
              • rescue namebonnie, Mon Jan 23 09:07
                hi i had a feeling it was that comment
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