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I'm watching an astounding series on Amazon
Sat May 12, 2018 10:49pm

.....called "First Peoples". There has been so much new news and discovery regarding the emergence of modern humans in the past decade or so, as to make almost everything I knew before, obsolete.

The series is at Amazon. I don't have Netflix anymore so can't tell you if it's there or not, but this is a damn good show. The best I have seen on the subject, bar none.

    • I don't do network tv anymoreWyngs, Sun May 13 1:48pm
      But I do have Netflix. Will check it out.
      • Netflix had nothing on it.Wyngs, Sun May 13 2:00pm
        Will check the tube later.... While I was at Netflix, I changed from one disc out at a time to two. Been watching a lot of movies with Maxine, and had too many nights with nothing to watch. $12 a... more
        • If you don't want a name brand likeDee, Sun May 13 2:56pm
          Philips or Sanyo, you can get the 65" 4K for well under $1000. I have a 50" 2K I've been using for about 3-1/2 years now. Paid $265 from Bi-Mart for it on a close out. It's a no-name and it continues ... more
          • It won't be long now...Wyngs, Mon May 14 12:45pm
            My 60in is acting up. Every 30min or so, I'll suddenly get multiple pictures, or the screen will turn green, etc. A host of things. I hit the screen format button and it corrects it, so I'm still... more
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